Wrap Knit Agricultural Shade Net

Wrap Knit Agricultural Shade Net

We are distributors for Wrap Knit Agricultural Shade Nets which are of industrial, commercial and household uses. Agricultural Shade Nets are produced using the state of art Japanese and Korean machines. All Agricultural Nets are UV treated with excellent quality that give high strength to the nets and ensure optimum durability and reliability. These nets are of best quality and come in different colours and patterns depending on the requirement of the customer.

offer agricultural shade nets in three varied qualities –

50% knitting

75% knitting

90% knitting




Some of the Prominent Features of Wrap Knit Agricultural Shade Net are as follows :

Made from high density Polyethylene.

U.V. Stabilized for long life in all weather conditions.

Non-hygroscopic and fungus resistant.

Light Weight and Economical.

Easy to Install.


  • Majorly used in Agriculture, Horticulture fields and Floriculture Nurseries.
  • Major component of the decorative market and used for various types of events like marriages, exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Prevention from debris falling at construction sites.
  • Used for Poultry curtains and roofs as well as cattle sheds.
  • Protection from birds and insects in agriculture fields.
  • Used in Packaging Industry.