Cross Laminated Silpaulin

Cross Laminated Silpaulin

We are authorized dealers of reliable, cost-effective, quality SILPAULIN Brand “Multi-layered Cross Laminated U.V. Stabilised Films” (Tarps) in India. The SILPAULIN Film comprises of several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique. These are cross-laminated sheets that make them Lightweight and super strong. These tarpaulins are acid & alkalis Proof, UV stabilized, heat sealed, rot & weatherproof tarpaulins. 100% Waterproof. Ultrasonically welded super strong. Silpaulin Tarpaulins confirming to BIS 14611-1998.


  • 100% Ultra-violet Stabilised Cross Laminated Films.
  • Eyelets and Rope lashing.



Some of the Prominent Features of Cross Laminated Silpaulin Tarpaulins are as follows :

Multilayered cross laminated tarpaulins have waterproofing properties.

Specially UV treated to resist radiation, and is inert to most chemicals and acids.

Excellent tensile strength. Tear and puncture resistance help to withstand sharp impacts.

All weatherproof with the ability to withstand tough climatic extremes.

100% re-cyclable, hence it is environment friendly.


  • Applications in agricultural, industrial and heavy machinery sector.
  • Used for fumigation of tobacco leaves, food grains, grapes and other agricultural produces.
  • Extensively used for Farm ponds, pond lining, fresh water ponds, fishponds, raw water reservoirs, community water tank and portable water tank.
  • Used for Poultry curtains and roofs as well as cattle sheds.


  • Silpaulin can be supplied in customized sizes, thicknesses and colors - 45 GSM to 300 GSM.