PVC Coated Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

PVC Coated Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

We are authorized Dealers of PVC Coated Fire Retardant Tarpaulins. PVC Coated Fire Retardant Tarpaulins are manufactured in a process wherein the PP Fabrics are made up using textured and filament yard which is normally undyed. The coating formulation are based on polymer categories of PVC which is used for making is 100% Waterproof, U.V. Stabilised & Fire Retardant upto 200 degree C. Surface properties of the coating are modified by continuous process of heating and cooling into various thickness (GSM) to make the sheet strong and sturdy.


  • PP (Polypropylene) Fabric.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Coating Polymer.
  • Super Strong Eyelets and Grommets.



Some of the Prominent Features of PVC Fire Retardant Tarpaulins are as follows :

High quality use of PVC ensures extremely long life of PVC Tarpaulin.

Excellent Tensile Strength, flexible, suitable to sustain torrent climatic conditions and has high tear strength.

Strong heat-sealed joints. UV Resistant material.

Colours of PVC tarpaulins can be customized as per customer requirements.


  • PVC Material is widely used as awnings, truck tarpaulins, tents and banners.
  • PVC is also used as an adumbral material for building facilities and houses.
  • It is used extensively in international sporting arenas such as golf parks and baseball stadiums and also used as pitch covers in Tennis and Cricket grounds.


  • PVC Tarpaulins can be supplied in customized sizes, thicknesses and colors.
    (300 GSM to 900 GSM)