All Types of Packing Materials

All Types of Packing Materials


With the expansion of the industrial sector, the use of packaging materials has increased leaps and bounds. Realizing that the operation of packaging industry is going to increase in the near future, we have combined knowledge and technology to supply quality products to its customers.

The company’s goal is to provide best service and quality products to meet customer needs and satisfaction. The range of Packaging Materials include –
LDPE Sheets, PP Ropes and HDPE Rolls.


LDPE SHEETS stands for Low Density Polyethylene sheets, which are tough, flexible, chemical and impact resistant, sheets that have thousands of applications. These sheets are lightweight and come in different size, quality and colors.

Salient Features: -
• A cost effective substitute to Tarpaulins.
• 100% Pure Cable Plastics made from Virgin Material.
• Entirely heat sealed without any stitching,
• 100% Waterproof, Resistant to acids and alkalis.
• Easy to use and recyclable.

End Use / Applications: -
• Used for monsoon Shed Covering.
• Roof protection for hutments during monsoon.
• Constructions and machinery site covers.


PP ROPES are made from Danline Yarn Technology that ensures these ropes stand out from the rest in terms of breaking strength and service life. PP Ropes are known for their excellent outdoor service life and are flexible and easy to use.

Salient Features: -
•UV Stabilized PP Ropes for long lasting service life.
• Non-Corrosive, Light weight and immune to extreme atmospheric conditions.
• No water absorption and inert to chemicals.
Excellent shock absorption and high tensile strength.

End Use / Application: -
• Special quality made for Submersible Pump, useful for agriculture.
• Industrial applications include material handling operations, used extensively in transportation and warehousing.
• Used in Sugar factories, Engineering and Construction for material handling.
• Applications in fish net making, domestic uses and sports nets.

HDPE ROLLS are supplementary to HDPE Tarpaulins. These rolls can be cut into different sizes as per the requirement. Features and uses are the same as HDPE Tarpaulins.